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About Me

I have always been around computers. My first was a VIC 20 my mother had got me to keep me busy. I have embraced technology because it had always fascinated me. Something was always going wrong and I could always fix it. Even today I am fixing broken electronics myself or helping someone else troubleshoot theirs. My primary job roles in the past didn't always have to do with technology directly but being able to understand what was going on helped me advance into higher positions. I am self taught in all my technical experience, not to take away from the ones who had helped and mentored me. Ideas and opportunities to be creative is what I am passionate about. If I am not creating or helping develop a new idea I get bored. Being above average in everything and never perfecting anything has been my curse but I can live with that.

Thinking of an idea is a start

Getting it rolling is another story. I have had a lot of success helping others get their ideas off paper. Your biggest hurdle is not taking the first step.

I can be reached easily through email or phone. I prefer email or text.
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Creativity inspired by boredom

Most people have a creative side. I have a hard time creating for myself when I want to. Bringing others ideas to life is what I like to do.

Having fun is key to getting the best content out there. Corporations and old school agencies have come around from decades of political correctness to develop some of the best ads we see today. The creativity has always been there, society has loosened the grip and let them push the envelope. To view my portfolio to to the WORKS tab or the button below.



It’s not a matter of CAN you do it. It’s more like do you WANT to do it

Brian E. Fisher V – Outsourcing discussion


  • “Brian has been a huge factor in my successful branding and campaigning”

    Marcos A. Sandoval – Premier Agent – Mas Houses


These are the core services I deal in on an everyday basis. My work load can be heavy sometimes and I'm not afraid to say no. I am happy to be able to do what I do on a daily basis.
Web Design

When designing a site its important to understand how you want it to help you grow your business or deliver your message

Mobile Messaging /Social Integration

Besides a mobile site, implementing tools like text messaging, mobile social interactions are key in our new mobile world


Having a design structure is necessary in branding so it is consistent everywhere and can be recognized

Graphic Design

More than making a picture. Choosing the right colors and projecting the correct message is the goal


I’ve managed million plus budgets, purchasing, contract negotiations and business owner.

Project Management

Weak links in the process are hard to see when you built it. Another perspective can be helpful


I have printing solutions ranging from paper printing, large format, vinyl, canvas, screen printing and direct to garment.

Great Reputation

Maintaining a positive relationship with all of my past and current clients has been very beneficial over the years. I’m thankful for all the opportunities I have been given.

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I would be happy to talk to you about any upcoming projects or ideas. Feel free to contact me by phone or my preferred email. Thanks for taking time to check out my site.

Los Angeles, CA on Tucson, AZ
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